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  • books that changed my life

    please think about looking into these books, they might just change your life too :) The 5 Second Rule - Mel Robbins The High Five Habit - Mel Robbins 101 Essays that will Change the way You Think - Brianna Wiest Watering The Soul - Courtney Peppernell Every Word You Cannot Say - Iain S. Thomas I Hope You Stay - Courtney Peppernell

  • do something for me please

    I need you to do something for me. Let it all out. Doesn’t matter how, just let it all out. Some ways that you can let it out are, Crying Screaming Writing it down (and then maybe burning it) Talking to someone about it Sometimes your brain holds onto things that it doesn’t need to. It’s not good to bottle all this stuff up in your body with no release, it needs to be let out every once in a while. If not it can cause a lot of strain on you emotionally, mentally and even physically. Recently I had been holding on to a lot and not talking about it and doing anything about it, and it was making me exhausted. So I wrote a letter and sent it to some really important people in my life and I felt so much better afterward. I am so glad that I finally talked to them about it and I want you to do whatever your equivalent to that is. I guarantee that after you will feel so much better.

  • "what next?"

    I just finished my personal essay for my college applications and my first thought was, “now what?” and I don’t know why. It’s not like I am completely done. I still have two supplements to write for a college I’m applying to. And yet, I still stopped and wondered what to do next. I believe that It’s that small pause of “what next” that stresses you out and maybe even puts you into a slump. You spend all this time working on one singular project and then the second it is done, suddenly you have nothing to work on and you are faced with all this free time. It’s this sudden free time that confuses people because they think that they have to be doing something during it, that they shouldn’t have this much time. But no you have all this free time because you have earned it! So enjoy it. Don’t throw yourself into a whole new project. Spend some time with your family or go outside. Wait a little while before your next project. It doesn’t have to be a long wait, it could even just be a day. Because if you throw yourself right into the next project, you probably haven’t looked into it that much or really figured out why you are even doing this project. So eventually you will burn yourself out and start hating or resenting this fun project you started. It’s okay to wait. Now get off your phone, computer or whatever electronic device you are reading this on and go have fun outside or with your family and friends. Spend some time on yourself. You deserve it. -TJ

  • if you're looking for a sign

    whether you are feeling stuck, burnout, or you really just need that final push to start something, you've come to the right place. this is your sign. now go. read. It’s October 11, 2021 at 2:34 am and I have realized that I am not happy with my life right now. I am 17 years old and I already feel like I’m failing at life. I know that I have my entire life ahead of me, but I’m still terrified that I’m not doing enough, that I won't be enough. I’m terrified that I’m not going to be able to do what I want in life. My first college applications are due on November 1 and I’m freaking out. I have a 3.0 GPA and most of the colleges I want to go to have an average GPA of at least a 3.6. I have started and erased so many college essays that I don’t know what to do with myself. And on top of freaking out about college essays, I just got back from touring colleges in California for 5 days and I missed 3 days of school. So now I have to catch up on all the work I missed, study for the 2 tests that happened while I was gone, and I have to get my body clock back on track since it thinks I am 3 hours behind the actual freaking time. Basically my life is all over the place and I don’t know what to do. Now if what I just wrote about sounds just a little bit like your life right now, listen up. Who gives a crap about the future if it isn’t here yet. You need to start working on your life right now, you have to do everything you say you are going to do tomorrow, right now. Stop waiting and putting it off because if you keep doing that it’s never going to freaking happen. You said you were going to workout today so go workout! It doesn’t have to be for an hour, it could only be for like 10 minutes. The amount of time you do something doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you get it done and feel good about it afterward! I’ve suddenly realized (and I mean like just now as I was trying to go to sleep at 3:04 am) that because we as a human race are so afraid of doing anything outside of our comfort zone, most people never ever try anything new anymore! And it’s because of this that so many people are unhappy with their lives and how they are living. I want to major in journalism in college. Do I know how to really write anything? No I do not(hence the 5 or so started but not finished college essays). Am I going to let that stop me from pursuing my dream and figuring it out along the way? No it is not. Because I have decided right now that I am not going to let fear dictate my life anymore. I’m going to start doing everything I say I am going to do, even if it freaking terrifies me to do it. And you should too! It’s these fears that keep us from our dreams and prevents us from having the lives we deserve. If you are sitting in your room on your bed scrolling through Tik Tok or Instagram and seeing all these posts and saying to yourself “Damn I wish that was my life” (p.s they are most likely fake and are made to look that way) GET OUT OF YOUR FREAKING BED AND GO MAKE IT YOUR LIFE!!! You’ll never have that life by just sitting in your bed watching it through a screen. NOW GO!!! -TJ

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