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"what next?"


I just finished my personal essay for my college applications and my first thought was, “now what?” and I don’t know why. It’s not like I am completely done. I still have two supplements to write for a college I’m applying to. And yet, I still stopped and wondered what to do next.

I believe that It’s that small pause of “what next” that stresses you out and maybe even puts you into a slump. You spend all this time working on one singular project and then the second it is done, suddenly you have nothing to work on and you are faced with all this free time. It’s this sudden free time that confuses people because they think that they have to be doing something during it, that they shouldn’t have this much time. But no you have all this free time because you have earned it! So enjoy it. Don’t throw yourself into a whole new project. Spend some time with your family or go outside. Wait a little while before your next project. It doesn’t have to be a long wait, it could even just be a day. Because if you throw yourself right into the next project, you probably haven’t looked into it that much or really figured out why you are even doing this project. So eventually you will burn yourself out and start hating or resenting this fun project you started. It’s okay to wait. Now get off your phone, computer or whatever electronic device you are reading this on and go have fun outside or with your family and friends. Spend some time on yourself. You deserve it.


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