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do something for me please


I need you to do something for me. Let it all out. Doesn’t matter how, just let it all out. Some ways that you can let it out are,

  • Crying

  • Screaming

  • Writing it down (and then maybe burning it)

  • Talking to someone about it

Sometimes your brain holds onto things that it doesn’t need to. It’s not good to bottle all this stuff up in your body with no release, it needs to be let out every once in a while. If not it can cause a lot of strain on you emotionally, mentally and even physically.

Recently I had been holding on to a lot and not talking about it and doing anything about it, and it was making me exhausted. So I wrote a letter and sent it to some really important people in my life and I felt so much better afterward. I am so glad that I finally talked to them about it and I want you to do whatever your equivalent to that is. I guarantee that after you will feel so much better.

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